Know someone (including yourself) who isn’t a member of the Cedar Rapids Softball Hall of Fame and should be?  Print this form, fill it out, and mail it to:  CR Softball Hall of Fame, PO Box 9254, Cedar Rapids, IA 52409. If you fulfill our requirements (see the “Bylaws” page of this website), our Nomination Committee will review the resume and make recommendation to the full membership on potential new members from three categories.  Those chosen by the full membership in attendance at the election meeting will be notified and given information on when and where to be for the Cedar Rapids Softball Hall of Fame new member induction.  Its held in conjunction with Hall of Fame Days each summer at Ellis Park.  If a nominee is passed over for the next induction class, the resume will remain active and may be updated in writing to the above mailing address by the nominee, survivors or friends at any time. THERE IS NO SPECIFIC “DEADLINE” FOR RESUMES.  ALL RECEIVED BY THE NOMINATION COMMITTEE PRIOR TO THEIR ANNUAL MEETING WILL BE CONSIDERED BEGINNING THAT YEAR.  THOSE RECEIVED AFTER THAT DATE (WHEN SET EACH YEAR) WILL BE CONSIDERED BEGINNING THE FOLLOWING YEAR.  

Name_____________________________________________________Date_____________ Address____________________________________________________________________ City___________________________________State________________________________ Phone___________________________E-mail_____________________________________
Date of Birth___________________
To be considered as a candidate for possible induction into the Cedar Rapids Softball Hall of Fame, we need to know about you and your softball (and community) background in detail:         The number of years you participated in softball which includes the year you first started playing and your last year of participation. ___________________________________________________________________________

  1. What capacity you participated in, such as Manager, Coach, Player, Umpire or other? ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Names of teams on which you were a player or sponsor, or leagues involved if you were an umpire.  If a player, what was your position? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. List statistics such as your batting average and number of games played (if available). ________________________


  1. Tournaments or leagues participated in and awards received. ___________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. Please list your “Biggest Thrill” or any fond memories of your softball career. _______________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


  1. List your personal data – what you are doing today. ___________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Please attach clippings (if available) and a sheet listing your accomplishments in softball, and where applicable, other community, civic or otherwise significant activities and projects in detail to help the Nomination Committee and the full membership make an informed decision.  Letters of reference are welcome, but not required.